Old Royal Montenegro

The Old Montenegro – with its rich culture, history, tradition, folklore and authentic national cuisine and the hospitality of the Montenegrin people – is located at the heart of the present-day country.

In addition to authentic national hospitality, visitors will be appealed by a number of attractions and activities, such as boat cruising, walking, cultural-historical monuments, kayaking, swimming in warm lake water or crystal-clear river water and entertainment with live music and dance.

During your visit, friendly locals will host and tell you many legends, kept alive through word of mouth.


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Cultural and Historical Monuments

Cultural and Historical Monuments Testimonies of its turbulent past are visible at every step through numerous remains of former towns, capitals, the sites of famous battles… C... [more]

Products: honey, wine and brandy

Products: honey, wine and brandy A combination of continental and Mediterranean climates makes the products of Old Montenegro delicious and aromatic… Thanks to the location it... [more]

National Cuisine

National Cuisine Authentic food of national cuisine will definitely persuade visitors to return to Old Montenegro... In the restaurant ambience of ‘‘Mosti... [more]


Activities Due to the attraction of its location, the area of Old Montenegro is the real challenge for all visitors eager for adventure, active holiday, and pure nature and fresh air… [more]

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts The area of Old Montenegro is characterised by numerous interesting facts… -In historic town Obod in Rijeka Crnojevića, the first Cyrillic book Octoechos was printed in 1494 [more]